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RealConcept Solutions

Over a period of twelve years we have been exposed to diverse business processes, that includes Research Groups, Manufacturing Industry, Financial Industry, Supply Chain applications, E-business, Banking, Mortgage, Insurance and Service Industry sectors. Domain expertise, process-driven and high quality practices enable us to provide optimized web solutions. RealConcept follows its own design methodology (RC-UID)

  • Web Designing and Development
    We have strong expertise in translating business and technology concepts into interaction design. We design websites based on RC-UID, user-centric design process.
  • Prototyping
    We provides an expertise in prototyping the web-based products/applications at all the stages of developments.
  • User Interface Design
    Implementing design principles to improve user experience. We follows our own design methodology called RC-UID, based on the value and importance of the user-centric design process
  • Social Media Solutions
    Discovering the power of the social web for information sharing. We make it easy for companies to build custom and powerful social integration modules.
  • SEO Solutions
    Providing a clear road map for what is needed to identify SEO opportunities and to implement SEO practice. We provide a complete site optimization solution to enhance organic search placement.
  • Mobile Solutions
    Identifying mobile opportunites and developing business and consumer mobile applications. We help companies create cross-platform mobile web applications which work on smartphones and tablets.
  • Open Source Solutions
    We provide implementation, integration & customization of open source applications.