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RealConcept Social Media

Companies have realized that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great ways to build direct relationship with the customers. Social networks are being used by businesses as a communication tool. Companies are discovering the power of the social web for information sharing - information is now received by those who have an interest for updates, rather the information being pushed to those who may have only limited interest. Social web accelerates product and marketing initiatives with customer-generated input, as it helps in developing practical, actionable steps for capturing customer interests. We make it easy for companies to build custom and powerful social integration modules.


As Facebook continues it's growth beyond 500 million active users, more and more businesses are hoping to leverage Facebook for promoting business. Facebook Platform enables businesses to make their website more social. Because of the strength of Facebook's Social Plugins, communication through Facebook Platform continue to help businesses grow tremendously.

At RealConcept we can help you integrate and develop simple or complex Facebook platform component like:

  • Graph API: The Graph API provides a simple view of the social graph and it enables companies to read and write data to Facebook.
  • Social Plugins: Social plugins like Recommendations, Like Button, and Activity Feed enables companies to provide social experiences to their users.
  • Open Graph protocol: The Open Graph protocol enables businesses to integrate their pages into the social graph.
  • Authentication: Facebook authentication provides a single-sign on mechanism across web, mobile, and desktop apps.
  • Facebook Connect: Set of APIs that enable Facebook members to log onto third-party websites, applications, mobile devices and gaming systems with their Facebook identity.


Twitter has grown as one of the most popular microblogging website thats is estimated to have more than 200+ million active users, generating 60+ million tweets a day. Businesses are using Twitter to share information with users interested in their products and services. Twitter breaks news faster than other sources or media. Companies have recognized that there is real business value every time a customer or fan shares your tweet by re-tweeting. Targeting niche followers with Tweets is one of the most powerful way to promote products and services. Automated tweets are posted using the web user interface by companies using third-party applications.

RealConcept can help you use Twitter to quickly share information, gather market intelligence and insights, and build relationships with your followers. We can help you integrate Twitter with your websites by:

  • Customizing Twitter widgets to display updates on your website or social network pages.
  • Promoting your Twitter account by making it easier for people to follow you directly from your website.
  • Integrating Tweet button on your website and letting people easily share your content on Twitter.


YouTube's video platform enables content creators to connect with billions of viewers every day. It provides a great opportunity for organizations to leverage the online activity for video campaigns, coverage, or programming initiatives. Social media channels, like YouTube can increase awareness of your products and services, and also provide accurate information about your company. YouTube offers the perfect platform for low cost advertising with a wide potential distribution network. Businesses use YouTube channels to connect with their target demographic.

RealConcept can help businesses create a YouTube marketing strategies, by:

  • Integrating YouTube Direct API to request, review, and re-broadcast videos.
  • Integrating Data APIs to bring the YouTube experience to a new platform.
  • Customizing Embedded Player and Chromeless Player.
  • Integrating YouTube widgets like Video Bar and Video Search Control.
  • Creating and customizing YouTube Channels