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RealConcept Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provide a complete site optimization solution to enhance organic search placement. Our expertise in comprehensive keyword and gap analysis is our strength. We work closely with the clients to analyze, implement and execute the latest SEO techniques to achieve maximum ROI from natural search enhancement. We make sure search marketing yields maximum ROI, with strong, measureable business growth.

Understanding the core concept of keywords is very important for any SEO initiatives. When queries have a large number of terms, there is a strong correlation between highly similar webpages and relevant webpages. Among webpages whose similarities with a given query are about the same, the one with the highest rank is likely to be most prominent result. Secondly, most search engines use the linkage information among webpages to determine their degrees of importance and then incorporate the ranks into the information retrieval process. Links among webpages are used to determine the popularity and authority of web pages. Contact us to learn about how RealConcept can help you in your SEO plan.

RealConcept SEO Model

  • Website analysis and bench planning
  • Assesment of ongoing campaign and plan refinement
  • Best practices for SEO and SEM to drive rankings
  • Keyword analysis and competition level for each search query
  • Defining relevant keywords and search queries

RealConcept’s SEO Audit process and the subsequent SEO Consulting support provides a clear road map for what is needed to identify SEO opportunities and to implement SEO practice to accelerate your ROI. We help build marketing strategy, run market research, develop programs and set goals. We help web professionals identify missed SEO opportunities, broken links or missing and incorrectly configured tags - leading to a improved SEO rankings.